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Join our community of teachers who all have a passion for education and a drive to improve their practice. 

No matter what stage in your career you can always get better by refining your craft and this membership will help you do just that.

TeachersPD provide many online courses as well as face-to-face workshops, live webinars and much more.

By becoming a member you will get:

  • Access to ALL the online courses, even those not released yet (70+ hrs)
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  • Discounts on face-to-face workshops

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Join a teacher's membership that values you as a teacher and gives more than it takes.

Meet Dan

Dan is the founder of TeachersPD, host of the Effective Teaching podcast, and education consultant. He has also fulfilled multiple teaching roles at various schools, his most recent being Deputy Principal (Quality Teaching and Curriculum)

What People Are Saying:

“I thought this was easy to follow especially for a newbie with lots of basics, but also many tips and tricks (which I’ll likely forget) which more advanced users would also find helpful. I liked that I could toggle between tabs throughout, watching the videos, going and having a play and then recording my reflections. I also liked that I could leave it and come back to it and it didn’t have to be done in one go.”

Cindy, Teacher